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Community Guidelines

OLAPLEX Community Guidelines for Social Media

The following are OLAPLEX’s community guidelines for social media. OLAPLEX’s website and social media platforms are dedicated online spaces for conversation relating to our brand and products. We ask that everyone shows courtesy, kindness and respect when engaging in these spaces so that they are a welcoming, inclusive environment for all. We also abide by each social platform’s respective content moderation and reporting policies.


OLAPLEX Community Guidelines:

  • Hair care comes first. We love all things hair care, and we hope you do too! We welcome discussion surrounding the OLAPLEX brand and hair care and advice in general, however, please refrain from posting content that is irrelevant, repeated posts, spam or advertising.
  • Show respect to all. We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. This includes discrimination pertaining to race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age.
  • No bad manners, please. Any comments or messages that are obscene, offensive, threatening, abusive, hateful, inflammatory or promoting violence are not acceptable.
  • We welcome questions and feedback! Our team works to regularly monitor our online channels and respond to comments and questions. Please be patient with us as we work to thoughtfully engage across our community.


OLAPLEX reserves the right to delete or hide comments that break these rules or violate each social platform’s respective community policies, and/or block accounts that display a pattern of inappropriate activity.