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Spring Into Journaling On International Day of Happiness
May 01, 2023

Spring Into Journaling On International Day of Happiness

The first day of Spring is today and falls appropriately on International Day of Happiness! Spring Equinox is a time for rebirth and for the winter storms to pass us. This year, International Day of Happiness’s theme is ‘Be mindful. Be grateful. Be kind.’ In the theme of happiness and gratitude, we invite you to journal for wellness, gratitude, and kindness onto yourself.


After a long, cold winter— there is so much to reflect on. This opportune time to look back also allows us to let go of what no longer serves us. This Spring, make more room for abundance, happiness, and big dreams by getting cozy with a paper and pen.


Journaling is a tool that not only boosts our mental health, it also gives us a chance to express our gratitude for life and kindness to ourselves. If you’re new to journaling, start small. While do-able, vowing to write every single morning may not be realistic for your lifestyle. Setting a strict structure of what you write, such as what happened in your day, also might not stick. Rather than either, commit to a flow of whatever feels organic to write in the moment. Some days, write a page of affirmations and others reflect on your day or an experience.


Take the new season as an opportunity to start fresh and transform yourself into the person you want to be. Whether it’s a hair transformation or pursing your dreams, take a risk to lead the life you see yourself in. Anything is possible! We are firm believers in manifesting, which is another way you can utilize a journal. Write things down as if they’re already yours. A gig, a check, a promotion, or even a partner. The universe may not just hand us everything we want at once, but the act of writing them as if they’re ours gives us a winning mindset and a belief system that attracts the good in life.


If winter had you in a slump, now’s the time to pick yourself up and tell yourself you can strive for International Day of Happiness every day, through your actions. Be grateful for everything you have, while bringing in the abundance you deserve. In addition to these positive benefits, journaling also helps to reduce stress by slowing down and focusing on the positive, allowing yourself to process emotions, and leaving less space for negativity. Happy International Day of Happiness! May you bring more joy into each day of this transformative new season!

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