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OLAPLEX Virtual Salon
November 02, 2022

OLAPLEX Virtual Salon

Welcome to the next phase of your healthy hair journey! We’re opening the doors to the OLAPLEX Virtual Salon to invite you into a new interactive, immersive salon experience. We built this space for you to achieve your hair goals, where you can come in, click around, and explore. In our dream salon space, you can get closer to your hair goals with each click, from building your own routine to learning more about your hair’s needs.


Designed with organics, modernity, and nature in mind, the OLAPLEX Virtual Salon is a destination for you to create your ultimate OLAPLEX salon experience. Sit at the chair and learn about Nº.9 Nourishing Hair Serum, Nº.6 Bond Smoother, and Nº.7 Bonding Oil with interactive education including videos, before and afters, and styling suggestions. You can also learn about all the ways you can use OLAPLEX in the salon to make your hair healthier than before.


Take a tour of the OLAPLEX services salons offer like cut and style, highlights and balayage or the ultimate blowout. Listen to the Beauty Uncovered podcast in the lounge and meet all the OLAPLEX Ambassadors. Absolutely everything that has to do with OLAPLEX, you can find in the OLAPLEX Virtual Salon––even inspiration from our Instagram page! The best part, is everything is shoppable, completely transforming your online shopping experience with us, to something that adds value each time you add to cart. Confused about a product? Read our decks, and watch videos on how each product and service can work for you.


The OLAPLEX Hair Quiz is another helpful way to understand your hair’s needs. From curly hair to color treated – all manes are unique and require a slightly different routine than others. Whole they may differ, all hair types benefit from healthier hair with OLAPLEX’s original patented chemistry! Every corner of the salon features opportunities to learn about our science and each OLAPLEX product. Stay as long as you’d like, the OLAPLEX Virtual Salon is open 24/7 365!

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